Business Intelligence

Learn more from your business.

Teksouth is an experienced leader in data management and business intelligence. We help your business by fully leveraging the value of its data. By integrating key information and providing rich, powerful visualizations, Teksouth’s award winning solutions will empower your employees to think, act and deliver.

Proven Methodology

Our proven process and methodology ensures a consistent, maintainable and successful solution. We deliver results by focusing on your business drivers and managing the solution throughout the process to achieve true business value. Our solutions are agile because we deliver, measure and improve in short cycles.


See. Understand. Act. Analytics and visualization are key components of a business intelligence solution. Each user has different needs and skills. Teksouth puts the right tools in the hands of the right people to so they can analyze, visualize and execute.

Data Integration

Integrating data is the foundation that true enterprise visibility is built upon. Each area of your business is a puzzle piece. A true and complete picture or your organization is achieved when each puzzle piece is put in the right place. The process of data integration is understanding where each puzzle piece fits and organizing them in a way so they can be assembled quickly and then analyzed in various ways. Our data architects and data modelers provide the experience to make this process efficient and affordable.

People Integration

Teksouth’s integrated team approach will bring the right people at the right time to any solution. Teksouth will bring to the table the proper mix of industry expertise and domain knowledge coupled with a talented and experienced solution team. Working together with you, this team approach will ensure your business attains true value from your integrated data solution.

Business Intelligence Assessment

Every organization is at a different level of maturity when it comes to business intelligence and analytics. We listen to you, understand your business goals and objectives and provide a roadmap that will help you achieve your goals. Our BI Assessment process can tailor a solution that matches both your budget and your business needs.

Technical Expertise

  • SQL Server 2000 – 2016
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Office 365/Azure
  • Excel Analytic Services
    • Power Pivot
    • Power View
    • Power Map
    • Power Query
  • Azure Analytic Services
    • Power BI / Power BI Desktop
    • Stream Analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • SQL Data Warehouse

Teksouth’s Business Intelligence Utilities

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Over the years, Teksouth has also developed niche software to streamline processes involved in a business intelligence solution. Coupled with industry standard tools from Microsoft, Teksouth’s EntelliFusion and Desktop Analytics methodology and suite of tools will drive efficiency and consistency in our BI solutions.